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REGA RB1000 Tonearm (9)

RB1000 Tonearm です。RB700 とはトーンアームや台座の色、形状が異なるので一見して分かります。


The award winning RB1000 takes almost twenty times longer to produce than an RB301. At present there are only two highly experienced technicians that can build this exotic tonearm.

A "blue printing" parts and assembly process is used resulting in zero tolerance engineered assemblies offering ultimate performance.

The bearings fit on to ground shafts and into the tonearm using interference fits. This means that no adhesive is required and therefore none of the associated (component - adhesive - component) losses in rigidity prevail. It is fitted to the plinth by a 3-point fixing which is CNC machined out of a single solid block of Stainless steel. This provides the strongest most rigid base structure possible for the tonearm and causes less stress on the plinth and the bearing housing, and therefore the least possible resonance.

The RB1000 carries more technological changes over previous Rega tonearms than any other Rega tonearm produced during the last twenty years! Key areas of improvement can be found in the bearing assemblies, wiring and materials used. We have worked to redistribute and reduce mass in areas of the tonearm where mass is critical to performance. The easiest place to see these changes in evidence would be the polished aluminium arm tube. It has no coatings of any type.

The changes made have resulted in a tonearm with extremely high structural rigidity, combining ultra low friction movement together with incredible stability. These attributes will make any cartridge mounted on this tonearm work harder than they have ever worked before. Do not be surprised if the first time you listen to familiar music, you hear detail that you have not heard before.

発注していた RB300が到着しました。(^_^)/



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