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Thorens - TD 550 Turntable


再度 Acoustic Sounds からの DM ネタです。Thorens - TD550 Turntable。Thorens というとやはりこういうタイプの方が安心感がありますね。


お値段ですが、DEMO 品で 11,900.00 USD です。

The TD 550 is based on the construction of the TD 350 and, like it, comes equipped with a suspended chassis and the belt drive around the outer rim of the platter. The player's generous dimensions allow for the mounting of a 12-inch tonearm also. The tonearm platform is made from an extremely stiff carbon fiber compound which ensures a very rigid coupling of platter and tonearm. If necessary, the suspended chassis can be conveniently adjusted in height by thumbscrews on top of the plinth. The sturdy feet can likewise be adjusted in order to achieve a level position. Owing to its electronically controlled start-up procedure, the extremely silent AC synchronous motor will drive the platter to the selected speed within no time. For making signal connections, the TD 550 has been equipped with balanced XLR as well as unbalanced RCA output jacks.

Please call for pricing on this demo unit. と記載されていますが、少し安くなるのかな?