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Rogue Audio - Ares Phono Pre-amp

acousticsounds.com からの DM ネタです。真空管式の Phono Pre-amp になります。


真空管式の Phono Pre-amp としては Pro-Ject の製品が安価で良さそうですが、これは一つ価格ランクが上の製品で 1995USD です。 80円/1USD の円高ですので 16万円程度の製品になります。

個人的には熱雑音の点から真空管式の Phono Pre-amp は好みではありません。

Rogue Audio's new Ares phono preamplifier is an all tube design that offers cutting edge performance for virtually any cartridge and turntable setup. The Ares is a four tube design that includes two 12AX7 and two 12AU7 tubes but can also be outfitted with four 12AX7's for additional gain. Features include Cinemag stepup transformers, three different gain settings to accommodate low, medium and high output cartridges, passive RIAA that is accurate to within 0.25dB and five different cartridge load settings all accessible without removing the cover. An outboard power supply helps to ensure ultra quiet operation and of course the Ares is built with the exceptional quality you expect

from a Rogue Audio product.