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DHL service. Get your parcel No6345 不正メール

最近 DHL を騙った 不正メールが届きます。 差出人は DHL Shipping Parcels <donotreply.no.1928@dhl.com> となっており 本文は

Your package has been returned to the DHL office.

The reason of the return is - Error in the delivery address

Attached to the letter mailing label contains the details of the package delivery.

You have to print mailing label, and come in the SDF office in order to receive the packages.

Thank you.

DHL Customer Services.


Deep in the darkness of the night a ring-dove called to me, Complaining of her case; but I, Give oer thy plaint, replied.For, by thy life, an if her heart were full of dole, like mine, She had not put a collar on nor yet her feet had dyed. My cherished friend is gone and I for lack of him endure All manner sorrows which with me for ever will abide. Then she abstained from food and drink and gave herself up to weeping and lamentation. Her grief became known and all the people of the town and country wept with her and said, Where is thine eye, O Zoulmekan? And they bewailed the rigour of fate, saying, What can have befallen him, that he left his native town and fled from the place where his father used to fill the hungry

で delivery address が違うから、添付ファイルを開いて mailing label を見ろ とのこと。最近は個人輸入していないし、DHL からのメールがくるのもおかしいなあ?

添付ファイルは DHL_mailing_label_id.N634.zip となっており、解凍すると DHL_mailing_label.exe が出現します。 実行ファイルだし 何となく嫌な予感がして ウイルスバスター2010 でつついてみてもウイルスと認識しません。うーむ。エイヤーでダブルクリック。即 感染しました・・・・。


ということで、直前に TrueImage で取得したバックアップイメージからリカバリをしました。皆様、ご注意を。

本家 DHL でも注意喚起しています。