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フォノイコ選び Primare R32 Phono Stage

Primare のサイトで R20の情報を探していたところ R32 が見つかりました。


If you cherish your vinyl and want to hear the most from it, the R32 MM-MC amplifier provides the ideal interface between the low-level output of a cartridge and the line-level inputs of your hi-fi system. Having a standard component width rather than the ‘midi’ size of its R20 predecessor, the R32 is easier to install and matches other Primare components for a uniform system look. Its larger chassis also benefits circuit layout, allowing newly upgraded and highly sensitive signal components to be better isolated from an improved power supply, resulting in cleaner sound and greater fidelity.



価格は £ 850 ですが国内での税込価格は 157,500円のようです。ただ、輸入元の ノア はプライマー製品の取扱・販売を2011年2月20日を以て終了しました。日本では人気がなかったのでしょうか?