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Clearaudio CONCEPT turntable

Bill Evans The Riverside Recordings 22LP BOX Set を購入した Acoustic Sounds から 比較的安価な Clearaudio CONCEPT turntable の DM が届きました。


The Concept is a great-sounding package, built with extreme precision and state of the art materials. The antiresonant Delrin platter and newly designed tonearm extract maximum resolution from every record.

The advantages of the Clearaudio CONCEPT turntable :

absolute perfection in finishing, made in Germany

Innovative technology and materials

friction free tonearm magnetic bearing technology

all three speeds possible, 33 1/3, 45 und 78 RPM

decoupled DC motor with extreme low noise bush bearings

precision belt drive

separate made in Germany power supply

S CONCEPT - $1,400.00

Clearaudio Emotion CMB Turntable w/ Satisfy Carbon Tonearm と同価格です。手軽に SP 78回転を聴きたいならば Clearaudio CONCEPT になると思いますが、通常の LP/EP だけを聴くなら Clearaudio Emotion CMB あたりの方がよさそうですね。デザイン的にも Clearaudio らしさがあまり感じられないし・・・