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Whest Broadcast (31)

Whest には放送業務用 Broadcast モデルとして Whest TWO/4 4 channel RIAA module があります。これは 今回購入した Whest TWO DUAL MONO PHONO STAGE を 2組 組み合わせて Rack Mount 仕様にしたものです。もっとも Broadcast モデルは Whest TWO の選別品だと思いますが・・・


As the name might suggest this is a 4 channel, 1u version of the whestTWO aimed at the Pod caster, Radio station and the DJ/Producer.

The advantages of the whestTWO/4 are:

• 4 totally matched channels

• Audio performance exceeding current RIAA standards used throughout the pro-audio industry.

• Enabling high-end audio performance even at low 128kbs. Perfect for streaming audio over low bit rate devices.

• Ultra low noise circuitry for use with high bit rate digital maximising 120dB dynamic range at 24bits.

• Internally configurable for gain and load. MM 40dB or MC 55dB 65dB

• Gain and load can be set to any value prior to leaving the factory

• All internal audio channels are matched to within 1% of each other.

• For use with either one or two WPSU (whestTWO power supply) power supply units for higher-end audio performance.


まあ、放送業務用 Broadcast モデルにも使用されているので、Whest TWO は最低限以上の音質は確保されていると思っています。

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