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MM Cartridge VPI Soundsmith Zephyr Cartridge 2.4mV (1)

Soundsmith OEM の VPI ブランド MM Cartridge Zephyr です。


The Soundsmith VPI Zephyr model features "Trickle Down" Technology from a unique Energy Distribution System within the cartridge body - the same system employed in the $4500 Soundsmith Sussurro Cartridge. The VPI Zephyr is built using a selected 'true elliptical' 'nude diamond' stylus design, insuring that your proper azimuth setting will result in superb performance from this exacting cartridge! This VPI Zephyr cartridge is capable of truly remarkable separation, sound stage and imaging!

お値段は 1000USD ですから比較的高価な MM Cartridge ですね。ちょっと気になります。