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VPI Classic Turntable (3)

VPI Classic Turntable は米The Absolute Sound 誌の 2009年度 Golden Ear を受賞しています。TAS(The Absolute Sound)での入賞は国内のオーディオ詩とは異なって結構権威のあるものです。


What I particularly liked about the 'table, aside from its excellent immunity from feedback, was its character, or rather lack of an easily identifiable one. Instead of the sound of older VPI tables, a dark (yin) character, we now have something approaching the completely neutral. I haven't yet been able to put my finger on its specific character, that is, if it has any. But it has allowed a kind of freedom in the sound of LPs being played back on it, one that closely resembles one aspect of the Clearaudio Statement." - Harry Pearson, TAS June/July 2009, Issue 193

"If ever there were a best buy in 'tables, this it it." - Harry Pearson, TAS June/July 2009, Issue 193

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