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REGA RB251 Tonearm (6)

RB251 Tonearm です。RB100 と REGA RB251 の外見上の差は取り付けベースの形状ぐらいでほとんど分かりません。RB100 同様 スタティックバランスタイプですので、カートリッジを取り付けて水平を出した後、後部の重りを4分の1回転させると 0.5g 針圧が変化しますが、目盛りがないので針圧計があった方が調整しやすいと思います。


For those still on a budget looking for a classically engineered Rega tonearm the RB251 will offer astonishing performance for its price. An enhanced evolution of the famous RB250 which was supplied as standard on the Planar 2 and P2 turntable. Using hand selected high quality vertical and horizontal bearings it is the first in the Rega range using our die-cast tube and uses the three point fixing technique based on the mounting design system of our flagship tonearm the RB1000.

This system reduces stress on the plinth and tonearm which offers greater stability though the arm. All of which translates into more music for you the listener.

で、私の RB300 ですが 関西空港に到着しました。今回も速いですね。


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