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REGA RB301 Tonearm (7)

RB301 Tonearm です。RB251 との外見上の差はダイナミックバランス用の調整ノブの有無ぐらいでしょうか。

Unique bearing assembly's offering high levels of rigidity (zero-play) combined with very low bearing friction ( RB301 and above).


針圧のかけ方ですが、Tonearm 後部の重りで水平を取ったあと、この調整ノブで調整するようです。私の場合は針圧計がありますので、こちらでもチェックをする予定です。

Replacing what was probably the most famous tonearm in the world the legendary RB300 was always going to be a challenge. The new RB301 uses the highest quality bearings available (usually found in ships navigational equipment) both bearings vertical and horizontal are hand selected to find a perfect match with each spindle. It uses the classic Rega die-cast arm tube and the new three point fixing based on the mounting system of our flagship tonearm the RB1000, a high performance low capacitance arm lead and plugs complete this amazing product which all combine to offer unrivaled performance for the money.

For those who have auditioned the new RB301 will know this multi award winning product will take you to the next level on musical performance with any piece of vinyl you decide to present it with.

私の RB300 は 関西空港でとまっています。


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