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REGA RB100 Tonearm (5)

REGA RB Tonearm seies には RB100、RB250(251)、RB300(301)、RB700、RB1000 があります。

RB100 から RB301 までは外見上の差異はあまりなく、パッと見て分かる方は相当の REGA通 です。先ずは RB100。ダイナミックバランス調整用のつまみがなく、スタティックバランス仕様です。


Entry level it may be but there is nothing entry level about the RB100's performance. Pound for pound the best value for money performance tonearm available on the market. It uses Rega's high rigidity low friction bearing design philosophies alongside the rigid custom arm tube assembly and the three point fixing based on the mounting system of our flagship tonearm the RB1000. You cannot fail to be impressed by the performance achieved at this price point.

RB300 は Anchorage を出ましたので到着までもう少しです。


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