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FedEx Logistics Services 不正メール

あらら、今度は FedEx を騙った不正メールまで届きはじめました。 差出人は FedEx Logistics Services <FedEx.no.2279@fedex.com> となっています。 本文は DHL とほぼ同内容の

Your package has been returned to the FedEx office.

The reason of the return is - Error in the delivery address

Attached to the letter mailing label contains the details of the package delivery.

You have to print mailing label, and come in the FedEx office in order to receive the packages.

Thank you for attention.

FedEx Customer.


He did not perceive me behind the opened door. Miss Burney blushed visibly, and instantly seeing me, he bowed with his own finished good-breeding and no sign of discomposure. I sat, as it were on thorns, until, Mr Smelt entering later, the talk became general and I retreated, more and more confused at the part expected of me, especially as Colonel Digbys manner appeared as softly ingratiating as ever. I felt I should be compelled to sink the truth a while longer and could only hope the Princess Royal misinformed. The coolness between Miss Burney and Mrs Schwellenberg about this time began to be much warmed by many little kindnesses on the part of the latter as she observed