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Nottingham Analogue Ace Space 12” Tonearm

Nottingham Analogue Ace Space にも 12" Tonearm があります。


価格は £850 と他の Longarm に比べると安価です。9inch arm は £700 程度です。


ただ、ネットを調べていくと構造上の問題からベアリング部分に内部のケーブルが食い込んで断線する らしく今回はパス。

The perfect partner to the Nottingham Analogue Space 294 Turntable

Unipivot design to reduce friction, proprietary damping that requires no settling time

Long-grain carbon-fiber arm tube-within-a-tube for improved rigidity and resonance control

Simple but effective azimuth adjustment

Simple VTA adjustment

The longer arm affords less tracking error than a shorter arm, and Nottingham has been extremely clever in avoiding the pitfalls typical of these longer and therefore heavier arms. By eliminating as much mass as possible from the head shell end of the arm this table will still track imperfect records with the best of them.

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